Unless you have actually seen the finished article, you cannot imagine how stunning Dreamsilk is, the visual impact of the textured wall coverings and the velvet effect it brings to your interior design environment and the sense of luxury it creates for your home decor is simply magnificent. Dreamsilk is the future of interior wall decorating  and must be seen to be believed.

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Dreamsilk Innovative 21st century wall plaster 

 Dreamsilk interior design for Thinkers

  • No painting required
  • 250 colours available
  • Heat insulation properties
  • Sound proof properties
  • Fire retardant
  • EU compliant
  • 4 types of finish
  • 25 year guarantee


"We saw this on the walls in our hotel suite on holiday and it was stunning with a glitter effect, we just had to have it! We tracked it down and discovered Dreamsilk is now available in the UK so we have it in our lounge and master bedroom at home, it is gorgeous, so elegant and warm, the finish is simply beautiful..." 
– Tom & Louise from Cheshire